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How to Increase Sexual Desire by Pressing a Reflex Point Your Outer Ear

Posted on March 1, 2013 by Kelly Hamilton.

Over 45 years ago, a French physicist discovered that the ear has numerous reflex points which, when stimulated, produce remarkable effects including the enhancement and suppression of sexual desire, stimulation of endorphins, and mood alteration. An investigation of this phenomenon reveals the fascinating science ofauriculotherapy.

According to the Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture by Terry Oleson, Ph.D., two of the French Functional Points are as follows:

  • The Point for Sexual Desire (also called the Bosch Point or the Libido Point) increases libido and enhances sexual arousal.  Massaging and gently stimulating the Bosch Point on the outer ear (auricle) can create greater sexual pleasure than the orthodox erogenous zones.  [Click here to view the exact location of the Bosch Point on the outer ear.]
  • The Point for Sexual Compulsion (also called the Jerome Point, or the Point for Sexual Suppression) lowers libido, calms sexuality, and even alleviates insomnia.  [Click here to view the exact location of the Jerome Point on the outer ear.]

In 1959, Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physicist first observed that the structure of the ear is a mirror image of an inverted human fetus – i.e., the ear is a microcosmic representation of the entire body.  Hence, the ear lobe, represents the head, and in this position, one can identify the corresponding anatomical parts accordingly, including the torso, internal organs, neurological systems and extremities, and thus treat various areas of the body.  The development of this somatotopic correlation of specific parts of the body to specific parts of the ear became the blueprint with which Dr. Nogier prepared the first map of the ear, and forged a successful clinical treatment that provides effective treatment of various health conditions.

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How does it work?

Most of us are familiar with acupuncture points which lie on miniscule energy pathways called meridians.  Simplistically speaking, the manipulation of these points either stimulate or suppress the flow of energy to corresponding parts of the body.  Auriculotherapy abides by the same principle, except that its study is restricted to process of stimulating the reflex points on the outer ear or auricle to provide relief from a wide range of conditions including low libido and even impotence.  Ear acupuncture originated in ancient China over 2,000 years ago, but it has been greatly modified by the discoveries of Dr. Paul Nogier in France.

How is auriculotherapy administered?

While professional auriculotherapists may employ a small electronic pulse to stimulate the point, this is not the only method.  Pressure, as in acupressure, can be used, i.e., finger pressure, or a blunt probe, like the end of a match stick, is all that is required to administer auriculotherapy treatment.  Pressure may also be applied by using the forefinger and thumb, on any given point.

The point is pressed for between 30 to 60 seconds.  The norm is 30 seconds per point.  To know that the auriculotherapy is being effective, the ear being treated should turn reddish in color and develop a warm sensation upon being treated.

Auriculotherapy has also been used successfully to treat the following conditions: lack of energy, phobias, sleeping disorders, addictions, loss of appetite, stress, pain, depression, anxieties and addictions.  Other complaints which are also commonly treated by auricolotherapy are headache, migraine and facial pain; rheumatism, lumbago, back pain, arthritis and fibrositis; panic attacks and many others:

For the last 25 years auricular therapy has been successfully used in Europe and now in United States.  Large number of studies carried out in U.S. at the UCLA Pain Management Center demonstrated the clinical effectiveness of auricular therapy for the relief of acute and chronic pain, and success in physiological and stress-related disorders.

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Kelly Hamilton

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