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Dating tips for men: How to get that second date

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Kelly Hamilton.

How to get that second date

Wearing scents that attract women will take you as far as a date, but it’s not a magic potion that will land you the prize.

In the world of dating, getting a second date is just as hard as getting a first one—perhaps even harder. No longer can you rely on being handsome and dressed well, although being gifted with chiseled looks and an immaculate wardrobe will probably help. It is still a good idea to spring for scents that attract women, although when rallying for the second date try to show off more of your personality rather than pure physical attributes.

1. Make her laugh
A sense of humor is underrated, but think about all the comedians on television who have landed gorgeous models for wives. The fact is, women love men who make them feel good about themselves. And what better way make your partner happy than making them laugh and being an interesting companion? Pumping iron at the gym will definitely go a long way in approaching women, but pair it with a healthy sense of humor and you are golden.

2. Listen
Again, an underrated card that is essential in capturing women’s hearts all over the world. Of course your date is interested in you, but more importantly, she wants to know you are interested in her. If you find yourself doing most of the talking, ask a few questions guaranteed to make her open up and make the date more of a two-way street. What’s being a teacher like? Where are you from? Do you like horror movies? There’s a new one out that’s supposed to be good. Not only will it help facilitating a smooth conversation, but it will help you determine if you two are a good match.

It's not a love's science
It's not a love's science
Pheromones can help you attract the opposite sex
It may not be a love potion...but it's the next best thing

3. Be a gentleman
Too many men have cruised through a first date without opening doors for the date or without standing up when she stands up. Do this and more, and become one of those rare gentlemen all females dream about. Do not be too formal as it may be uncomfortable for both of you (not to mention, too scripted and unnatural), but always be aware of your date’s needs and wants. At the end of the date, ask before swooping in for a kiss. For better chances at a second date, call at the end of the date to say goodnight and thank her for the wonderful time.

4. Look good, smell good
Just because you should be charming, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the effort to be the best you can be physically. Do not dress up too formally, but do not throw on sloppy clothes as well. An extra boost is always a good idea, so maybe use a bit of the pheromone perfume you have on reserve to tap into your date’s womanly desires. It will certainly help things along, as this “love potion” is known to appeal to the opposite sex strongly.

5. Good conversation
A lively date is a fun date is a good first date, but that doesn’t mean it is a conversation free-for-all. Remember that you are in a stage of getting to know the other person, and it is best to put your best foot forward for now. Stay away from taboo conversations: long-term commitments, past relationships, problems. Keep it light and interesting for now and you might get the chance to delve in the other stuff later.

6. Ooze confidence
We don’t mean for you to be cocky, but do your best to appear confident. Most girls—even strong, fiercely independent women—like it when a man can take the lead. Make sure you are not at any point of your date hesitant or uncertain about anything. Be assertive and undaunted about the food, the restaurant, the movie, the mishaps, the flat tire, and whatnot.

7. Relax
Being uptight and too hung up on having the best time leads to a lot of pressure—and pressure will likely lead to failure. Just pay attention, have a good time and hope for the best, because isn’t this what dating is all about?



Kelly Hamilton

Kelly Hamilton is a Customer Service Manager by day and the Chief Editor at LuvEssentials Pheromones Blog by night (sometimes early afternoon). She is dedicated to making your dating life and relationships better through her articles covering topics like how to overcome shyness, how to rekindle great chemistry with your partner; what makes your relationships work out or fail…and a whole lot more.

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